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Timpani audition

Orchestral excerpts, Piano reductions, Etudes, Rolls

Comparison and competition is quite foreign to the essence of music.
Nevertheless, the necessity of finding a way to choose a player for an orchestral position has produced the procedure known as "auditions".
Auditions are an exciting and extraordinary situation, both for the applicants as well as for those who may and must choose. In the small amount of time granted to each individual, the applicant has to succeed in presenting an authentic picture of his or her entire artistic personality in addition to technical skills. 

The literature demanded should thus be carefully chosen. In the case of timpani, it can be seen that the technical requirements on musicians have increased considerably since the beginning of the twentieth century. However, auditions over the past decades have shown that it is often the supposedly technically less demanding passages where many crucial and basic playing qualities are demonstrated. For example, this is the case in excerpts from the Classic and Romantic literature due to their familiarity and transparency. 

"Timpani Audition" by Arend Weitzel (Bochumer Symphoniker) and Marek Stefula (Gewandhausorchester Leipzig) includes significant orchestral excerpts from various eras, numerous piano reductions, a selection of challenging etudes and suggestions for roll performance for the first time in one volume. The result is a comprehensive and well thought-out summary of the literature for successful audition preparation and execution.

The orchestral excerpts are in chronological order according to the date of their premieres. This should aid in placing each excerpt in its historical and stylistic context. 


(See also "errata")


Published 2018

Available at Brandt Percussion

29,80 € + shipping


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