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Lilly’s Drum Book

Etudes for children

The exercises in this book were composed many years ago, when I was asked to teach the snare drum to the very young daughter (Lilly!) of a colleague. None of the etude books commercially available at that time seemed to me to be suitable for children. Although many publications on the market were pedagogically useful, they seemed to me to be too dry and joyless to give to children. So once again I had to resort to “Do-It-Yourself”:

Lilly’s Drum Book contains exercises and simple pieces for the beginning instruction of children on the snare drum. For all exercises in this book, there is a connection made between the spoken word and the notes, thus supporting and easing rhythmic play.

In my opinion, when working with children, it is very helpful if teachers describe and explain the content of a new exercise in their own words. This is why I have done away with all explanations between the exercises. And Gefion Hanke’s wonderful illustrations are the icing on the cake!  They give the book charm and humor in an enchanting way. Thank you Gefion!!


The text is only in German, unfortunately.


Published 2010 by Gretel Verlag, Dinklage
Available directly from the publisher:
or at: Brandt - Percussion

€ 14,00 + shipping



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