Sheet Music

trrr - The Timpani Roll

The exercises in this book, like all publications by Arend Weitzel, were developed from his own playing and practice. This means that each exercise is tested and refined for ultimate effectiveness.

Furthermore, this book offers:

Polished exercise concepts
…to increase roll speed.

An efficient training programme
…to improve stamina in long rolls.

Numerous co-ordination exercises
…for a more even roll.

50 short studies
….for intensive and targeted training of roll aspects.

Tips and challenges
…for warming up.

Special exercises
…for specific areas such as precise roll endings, energy flow etc.

Extensive explanations
…for perfect understanding of how each exercise and training programme works.

Bilingual texts
…German and English

Text in German and English 


(See also "errata")

Published 2008 by Gretel Verlag, Dinklage
Available directly from the publisher:
or at: Brandt - Percussion

€ 16,00 + shipping



Available at Steve Weiss Music  ($ 25,00 + shipping)



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