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Grand etude for 4 timpani.

The term "Kata" was originally used to describe standardised exercises in various Asian martial arts. By using Kata, elementary movements in each discipline can be practiced and understood without needing an opponent. This study is a kind of Kata for timpani, working on basic technical elements of timpani playing.

"KATA" is effectively a 20-minute warm-up. During the study, the technical demands become harder and harder. However, the difficulty of each section is graded, so that movement and, above all, sound quality can be easily controlled. The individual sections have been designed so that a technically difficult section is followed by a less difficult one. "KATA" should therefore not drain your strength. Thanks to its construction, "KATA" is ideal to use as a daily warm-up, or as a re-start after a long break (e.g. after holidays).

Text in German

Published 2008
Available at Brandt - Percussion

€ 15,00 + shipping



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